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When you rock a beard full time, and REALLY rock it, you’d better have a good sense of fashion. If you don’t, you run the risk of people judging you and casting you aside as one of “those” people. That’s why The Bearded Man has cultivated an extremely sharp fashion sense. In short, he loves to shop. Like a lot. One day he was at the mall, kicking back a few orange mocha frappuccinos, when he came across Price & Takis, two young bucks trying to make a name for themselves. He gave them the idea for “Hands”, and they loved it! They made it into a song. But when it came time to release it, do you think they gave The Bearded Man credit? Noooo… They put on their SoundCloud that it was *their* idea! That’s what you get for trying to help people! Sheesh, showbiz… Ok, ok… Maybe The Bearded Man didn’t actually come up with this song. He just wanted to make you think he was a big deal because he desperately seeks your approval.

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