For electronic music lovers!

The official music video for “Love You Lately” by Ariana and the Rose x RKCB.

I’m so happy to share the music video for Love You Lately with you all.
This song was written with two dueling points of you and conflicting emotions, watching a relationship fall apart while hoping it will somehow all work out.
It was important to me to translate this struggle in a way that felt palpable and as raw as the melodies in the song. Dance and movement felt like the natural fit for bringing this song to life visually, two bodies fighting to find a way to move together rather than apart.

Often times, when we look back on heartbreak and the whole thing can feel like a dream. We can’t remember how we even got through the whole thing at all. Through vivid color, texture, landscape and movement we looked to recreate that feeling, as if the whole world is happening in slow motion while you fight for something you love. I hope this visual adds to your experience of Love You Lately and allows you to climb inside the sounds and lyrics of the song and perhaps delve into and heal your own broken hearts.

Thank you for watching and sharing in the vibrant dreamscape that this the Love You Lately music video.
Hope you enjoy!

xo, Ariana

Listen to “Love You Lately” on Spotify:
Buy “Love You Lately” on iTunes:

Creative Director : Ariana DiLorenzo
Executive Producer: Pookiebird Music
Producer: Jackie Murphy
Director of Photography: Claudio Rietti
AC: Ana Flores
Editor: Gregg Houston
Actor: Augustine Hargrave
Costume Design: Maciel Gonzalez
Hair & Makeup: Tami K. Shirey
Colorist: Ari Rothschild

Connect with Ariana and the Rose online:

Connect with RKCB online:


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