For electronic music lovers!

Exhilarating sounds by Spirix and Xuitcasecity! By mixing pop vibes with urban and future bass influences, they’ve turned this record into ear pleasing material for everyone. This timeless tune contains elegant chords and a solid beat combined with invigorating vocals. Yeah, better Runaway with this one!

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Zach Gordon
Natalie-Tasha Thompson
Jade Weber
Colin Sanchez

Directed, Shot, and Produced by: Neema Sadeghi (
Co-Director: Sergio Zaciu
Editor: Troy Charbonnet
Production Design: Lyla Flashman
Art PA: Matthew Swedo
Colorist: Dylan Hageman
VFX: Mike Overton
Associate Producer: Gia Rigoli
Gaffer: Casey Stolberg
1st AC: Jake Coury, Kourosh Farhangi
Grip: Gabe Knoos-Newton

Special Thanks: Gabi Sagorin, Daniel Burke, Lexi Ginn, Claire Imler, Oliver Kompst,
FilmEd* Academy of the Arts, Eastside Camera, Alan Sadeghi, Maryam Khakbazan,
Mike Overton, Mario Loria, Patrick Hall, Casey Stolberg, Mary Sanchez, Sebastien


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