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This summer, Julia self-released her first few songs, including her heartfelt, piano-laced breakout track “Inner Demons.” A week after she released the songs, she sent them into local Minneapolis radio stations, and within just a few days, the pop radio station in town, KDWD 101.3 FM, called Julia while on the air, talked to her about these songs, and played a minute of “Inner Demons.”

It had all happened almost too quickly for Julia to even digest. She had just moved into the dorms at the University of Minnesota to begin her freshman year of college as all of this was happening. At that point, “Inner Demons” had only been on YouTube and iTunes for a very short time before radio got ahold of it. The feedback was instantaneous and so positive that she pulled up stakes from her dorm room the day before her first class. A few days later, she signed a recording contract with Columbia Records. Julia is currently in the studio, with plans to release her debut album in 2017.

Inner Demons” from Julia Brennan‘s Inner Demons EP out now:

Director: Ivanna Borin & Frank Borin
Producer: Antonio Flores
Production Company: UnderWonder Films 

Follow Julia:


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