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Ever since the introduction of Filous and his track “How Hard I Try” with James Hersey, the world has not taken their eyes off the young producer. At only 19 years old, the Austrian producer has accomplished what many couldn’t in a lifetime. From headlining his own tour, releasing an EP, achieving millions of streams and more, the artist only continues to move forward with his indie folk meets house sound. The producer has a mad talent for creating a true warmth in his work, especially in the organic sounds he’s selected.

In his latest unveiling ‘Goodbye’, Filous collaborates with big name vocalist Mat Kearny, who’s vocals emulate a true earnestness. Regarding the release, Filous states, “making this song together with Mat Kearney was one of the most inspiring musical experiences I had so far!”. The track is truly glorious with Filous’ minimalist approach, comforting guitar and lush piano inserts. Painting a sonic picture with sincerity in sound construction, the end result is something that feels familiar and gives you the sense of home.
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filousGoodbye feat. Matt Kearney Available Now!


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