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It’s hard to imagine any side of DJ biz young and talented heavy hitter Juicy M hasn’t tried yet. She honed her skills in playing on multiple decks, performed truly futuristic DJ mix on four iPads, traveled a globe like a superstar and produced some decent dance tracks like Obey and Rowcraft in just one year.

This time Juicy M challenges herself even further by revealing her new single “Fire & Ice” where she performed not only as a producer but also a songwriter. The song features powerful vocals from London-based singer Dani Somerside and stands out in more dramatic and deeper sound. This songwriting era accentuates new music direction of Juicy M as mature and established artist on the electronic dance music scene.

If you like ‘Fire & Ice’ you also might also like another downtempo release of Juicy M called “ Need U Around ” together with US-based singer Esty Leone and released on Armada Music in 2016.

Watch It Here Just Clic It: Need U Aroud Official Music Video

Juicy M and Dani Somerside team up for the amazing downtempo ‘Fire & Ice’. Listen to it and more on Clubhead TV and in the Clubhead TV app.

My new single Fire & Ice featuring Dani Somerside is out now!
Listen and download:

Directed by Nova Rockafeller:

Follow Juicy M:

Follow Dani Somerside:

Special Thanks for making video to:
Tom MacDonald

Crenshaw Boxing Club


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