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Following on from the vintage, heavily edited clip for ‘The Weather,’ this time around the band are getting animated, in more ways than one. Welcome to one house in suburbia at night, where a bunch of aliens and cosmic metal men (and a baby) dance the night away (particularly in the kitchen, because there’s no better place to get the party started) before moving the action up into space.

To be fair, they pull off some pretty impressive synchronised dance moves. But the longer you watch the video, you notice there’s also some random close-ups of alien bottoms and they sometimes awkwardly run into each other and look like they’re not really occupying the same space (excuse the pun). It all gets a little bit weird and disconcerting the more you watch it. Then again, this is POND. That’s probably what they were going for.

Paint Me Silver is taken from Pond’s new album The Weather
Out on Marathon Artists on 5th May
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Directed by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford

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