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Indiana-bred producer-rapper Deejay Rupp, a.k.a. Dillon Rupp, is only 19, but he’s already shared the stage with some of the music industry’s elite, from Jennifer Lopez to Demi Lovato to Rae Sremmurd. But while his tour history may come off as impressive (and it is), his skill for producing pure dance floor bliss is all the more so.

The video for “Happy Now,” provided by Vydia, is a liberating, neon-tinged house banger featuring a hazy, skittering beat collapse that sounds like dominoes falling in slow motion. And it’s totally cathartic.

“Are you happy now? Now that it’s all f—ed up? Am I what you came for?” sings a female vocalist in airy tones, as the clip illustrates the innate tension catalyzed by passion, with two lovers—portrayed by It Girls and real life couple Madison Paige and Terra Renegade—caught up in their own world of lingering embraces, high fashion face masks and clawfoot bathtubs. Review By PopCrush

Official music video for Happy Now performed by Deejay Rupp.
Director: David Zennie
Executive Producer: Yoseph Basha
DP: Brett Kerr

Special Thank you goes out to @madisonpaige and @renegades_ for such an amazing performance in the video.

Instagram/Twitter: @deejayrupp

Copyright (C) 2017 SYFT INC.

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