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Brooklyn-based singer Janelle Kroll has just dropped her new single ‘Barricade.’ The catchy song debuts alongside an interpretive-themed music video, featuring Kroll and several dancers moving along with the beat of the song.

The track comes to life with the singer’s raw vocals intertwining with the personal lyrics — reflecting on the struggles and complications of a valuable relationship. The simple ballad soars through intimate feelings of love and explores how a relationship can be like battling with a ‘barricade.’

“A barricade both protects and obstructs,” explains Kroll. “A love like this will not succeed. This song is a gesture of boundless love that holds too tight.

The song’s hook ,“Doesn’t matter where you go, where you go/ I know that I’m stuck in the way/ No matter where you, where you/ I’ll always be your barricade” is repeated throughout, illustrating the feeling of fighting this metaphorical barrier.  

Shot in one take on a drone, the creative video captures every emotion in the track with the interpretive dance moves laid out in each scene by dancers dressed in bold black and gold leotards. Review By Billboard

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