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Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It (Celebration Mix) [Official Music Video]

Now ten years after turning the world of dance music upside down, Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr’s iconic collaboration is back through a special Celebration Mix. As it’s equally funky and dancefloor ready, putting this cut at the top of your playlist is a definite no-brainer.

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Trobi & Boaz van de Beatz feat. Âdïka & KaliBwoy – U Don’t Know (Official Music Video)

Luscious sounds from Trobi and Boaz! Watch how the student and his mentor are teaming up for the sultry tune U Don’t Know. It is a track that is taking care of the heat and the sexiness as it will force you to swirl your body on the dancefloor. Filthy beats, vivacious flutes and fantastic vocals from  Âdïka and KaliBwoy are making sure you will know this tune!

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Echosmith – Get Into My Car [Official Music Video]

Echosmith released its seven-song “Inside a Dream” EP on Friday, along with a music video for the synth laden jam “Get Into My Car.” The new music sticks to the band’s catchy pop pastiche while highlighting a shiny layer of dance-ability.

“Inside a Dream” follows Echosmith’s gold-certified debut album “Talking Dreams,” which climbed the charts after it was released in 2013. The hit single “Cool Kids” catapulted the band to fame, creating a space for the underdog who did not originally fit in with the “cool kids” on the radio. Echosmith carved out a new kind of anthem fueled by the raw honesty of lead singer Sydney Sierota’s voice lamenting on the struggles of an outsider’s life.

With “Inside a Dream,” Echosmith can hardly be cast as an outsider. The sugary sound of songs like “Goodbye” and “Get Into My Car” belongs on the radio, ready for kids to roll down their windows and sing along to on the road. Or, of course, some might simply sink into the sweet sounds on the dance floor.

The clip for “Get Into My Car” features Sierota assuming the role of Uber driver as riders plug their destination into the app and dance in the backseat. By the end of the video, she finally gives herself a break from the wheel and embarks on a journey in her own direction with a love interest. Review Found On Variety

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M.iam.i & Flo Rida – (Avalanche) Rescue Me From The Dancefloor (Official Video HD).

El tema en cuestión no es un dechado o portento de destreza en la música dance; sin embargo si buscas imágenes con contenido erótico y curvas de chicas sensuales; puede ser que te agrade; como siempre tu decides que tan buena música es. El tema ha sido presentado recientemente en el canal de Kontor.

Brighi & Snoop Dogg – Play Me Like A Violin (Official Video HD).

Este video les encantará, a muchos no solo porque incluye una buena cantidad de sensuales imágenes de chicas malas, muy buenas; sino porque es una buena combinación de géneros y estilos, inclusive la adición del sonido del violín y el rapeo de Snoop Dogg; lo hacen bastante bueno y original. Pero como siempre tu opinión es la que finalmente cuenta.

Andrea Bertolini – Stereo Seven Sessions [20120313]

De las clásicas sesiones en la radio (Stereo Seven), las mezclas realizadas por Andrea Bertolini, son grabadas y compartidas después en soundcloud y otros medios. Aquí te presentamos la que ha sido compartida en soundcloud. Mas detalles solo cliquea en la parte que dice “info”, lado derecho del reproductor.