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Mija – Bad For U feat. Kelli Schaefer [Official Music Video]

This is the first single from my EP How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers, and it’s a song with Kelli Schaefer. I produced it, and the lyrics & vocals were written/performed by Kelli. In VICE’s profile they wrote that the song, “plays like future blues, fusing the uncanny effects of Oneohtrix Point Never with the bass-scaping of Burial and the crystalline beauty of Björk.”

A few months ago, Kelli Schaefer and i were connected by a friend via the internet. He shared some of kelli’s recent music, and i found a personal connection to the song “Bad For You”. The heart-wrenching depth of the lyrics and kellis voice stayed with me, so i reached out to ask if i could rework the song as a personal exercise, without expectations. Kelli was excited to work with someone outside of her indie rock scene and sent the vocal acapella to see where it might go. over the course of the next few months, i reproduced the song and then we both decided to re-release this new version as the first single on my forthcoming debut EP release.

The track was mixed & mastered by Shawn Naderi

Thank you to The Well Salon DTLA

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Sumera – Faith (Official Music Video)

Sophisticated and dark sounds from the one and only Sumera! Her new single Faith brings moody soundscapes and delicate beats, and will make you get lost in this song on a slow but pleasant pace. It’s a deep and satisfying trip she takes you on, enhanced by Sumera’s tender vocals, bringing this tune to the next level. Ready to have Faith?

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Skott – Mermaid (Official Video)

Whether it’s all intentional, or by beautiful accident, Skott is easily the most magical new star on the scene right now. Everything the rising Swedish star creates is steeped in mysticism and enigma, none more so evident than on new tune ‘Mermaid

It’s her first new song since total pop titan ‘Glitter & Gloss’, and dials down the beats for a beautiful electro-ballad. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Skott has been hinting at this immense creativity in all her previous videos, single artwork and music – it’s no wonder Katy Perry and Lorde are fans.

As she releases the cinematic video for ‘Mermaid’, we caught up with the Swedish pop star to get the essential deets. Review By Thomas Smith

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Dark9ine & Phats and Small – You and Me (Official Music Video)

A deluge of upbeat rhythms and cheerful piano chords, ‘You And Me’ is the Armada Deep debut of Dark9ine and Phats & Small. Embellished with sparkling vocals, this track is the feel-good tune that will define your summer.

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Remy Cooper – Sugar Junk (Official Music Video)

After spoiling Deep House fans with cuts such as ‘Keep Running’, ‘Fill Your Hope’ and ‘Afterglow’, Remy Cooper returns to Armada Deep with another one of his full-fledged masterpieces. Comprising swell rhythms, kick-ass vocals shots and unique melodies, ‘Sugar Junk’ is the adrenaline rush that completes your club experience.

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Lost Frequencies & Netsky – Here With You (Official Music Video)

With his new single and first DJ collab called ‘Here With You‘, Lost Frequencies wanted to step into another dimension and work with none other than Belgian Drum & Bass legend Netsky. As soon as they stepped into the studio, both Lost Frequencies and Netsky kicked off this collab with a great vibe, exchanging their own visions of combining Deep House with Drum & Bass vibes. ‘Here With You’ is a fresh mix of Lost Frequencies’ signature guitar sounds and Netsky’s bass power, guided by the heartfelt vocals of Amy Yon.

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R3hab – Hold Me (Official Music Video)

Ethereal, comforting lyrics flow smoothly over humming bass-lines and pleasurable synth melodies, making “Hold Me” an ideal festival composition that will likely light up many-a-set throughout the summer season. Meanwhile, we see once more why R3hab is able to remain one of the more relevant EDM acts of today after so long on the circuit – he is highly adept at tuning into what makes a large audience base tick, and fitting the aesthetic perfectly in his own way. Dancing Astronauts


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