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Astrid S – Breathe (Official Music Video)

Astrid S back with brand new single ‘Breathe’; 2016 sure was a big year for upcoming pop star Astrid S. The young singer and songwriter from Norway dropped her first EP and the single ‘Hurts So Good’ became a big hit in her home country. It even charted on the other side of the world in New Zealand too! She did a little headlining tour in Europe and supported Troye Sivan for a bit of his international tour as well. Now she is back with a brand new single, ‘Breathe’.

In comparison to the hit ‘Hurts So Good’, the rest of Astrid’s EP was quite a bit more electronic and less based on big pop choruses. ‘Breathe’ is the cross over track that stays true to her passion for electropop, but also has enough hit potential for the mainstream radio. The production is ear catching and the repetition of the title in the chorus works. Lyrically, ‘Breathe’ deals with the moment that your crush takes your breath away. “If I could just inhale some chill, it’s like Im living out in space…Got me lifted like an astronaut, no helmet on and my lungs just stop”, she sings. ‘Breathe’ is lyrically clever, quirky enough to give her some personality as an artist and catchy enough to gain some new fans. Now that’s a winner! Review At

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Music video by Astrid S performing Breathe. (C) 2017 Universal Music A/S

Barei – I Don’t Need to Be You (Official Music Video)

She’s the independent artist who came out of nowhere to win Objetivo Eurovisión 2016. And Spanish sensation Barei hasn’t slowed down since then, as she proved with the release of her latest song and music video “I Don’t Need To Be You”.

The “Say Yay!” singer penned the tune in support of kids who, like her, have had to endure the jokes and disdain of their classmates. “I don’t need to fake, ’cause I’m more than a dummy!”, she says. Preach!

The track delivers a fierce message against bullying: “I don’t need to be the one I’m not”, “I never hurt no one for who they are”, “Just live and let me live”. And thank God she’s no one else, as Barei is just fabulous as she is!

Packed with electro beats, “I Don’t Need To Be You” is both current and danceable. A children’s choir supports the Spanish star, while a male voice helps build the bridge by repeating “Viva la vida”.

In order to tackle such a difficult topic, Barei decided to go big with the music video. She’s teamed up with Kidz On The Block, a teen dance ensemble, and serves us her trademark Eurovision footwork – but this time multiplied by 24!. Review At wiwibloggs.

Music video by Barei performing “I Don’t Need to Be You“, available now:
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Off Bloom – Falcon Eye (Official Music Video)

Another day, another electro-pop group with insane potential coming from Scandinavia. This time, it’s Denmark’s Off Bloom, who’ve just shared new single ‘Falcon Eye’, the follow-up to last years EP ‘Love To Hate It’.

With awkward, claustrophobic synths and a little Middle Eastern flavour – the trio have shared another taster of their diverse palette on the vibrant ‘Falcon Eye’, so we caught up with the trio to see where that influence came from on the new song.

Where did you get the Middle Eastern vibe in your new single?

Mads: Actually, there’s one specific song that we love so much by a guy called Holger Czukey. It’s called ‘Persian Love’ and it’s just so beautiful – it’s just pure beauty. There’s an energy in that kind of vibe, it’s not contrived, it feels free like there’s space between it. Review By Thomas Smith
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Music video by Off Bloom performing Falcon Eye. (C) 2017 Polydor Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

Cedric Gervais – Molly (Official Music Video) [HD].

Este en un tema, que estuvo causando algunas expectativas desde hace semanas, por el hecho de que se publicitaba, cómo si fuese una persona extraviada y que se estaba buscando a dicha persona; pero como les menciono era solo una estrategia publicitaria. Les presentamos el video oficial al tema “Molly”, del productor de origen Francés Cedric Gervais, quíen parece ahora se ha arraigado en Miami.

The 8th Note vs. Nilson Ft. Fenja – Looking For Love [Cr2 Records].

Este tema fue compartido en soundcloud, tiene muy buenos beats en un tono electro house; ya esta a la venta pero aquí puedes escucharla y si te agrada puede ser que te mueva a comprar el tema; o bien a seguir a este artista en alguno de sus sitios oficiales.

I have my theory – LM (2012)

Este track me fue compartido, gracias por confiar en mí, a veces no tengo mucho tiempo para escuchar todos los tracks, pero este en realidad me agradó; te pido de favor que lo escuches, que seas objetivo y si te agrada apoya a este chico. No se muchos detalles a cerca de esta persona, espero pronto actualice su perfil, su dirección en souncloud es: Escucha el tema y si puedes hacer una crítica realmente constructiva; por favor comenta en souncloud.