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Alesso & Anitta – Is That For Me (Sylvain Armand Remix) [Official Video]

The latest record titles of Alesso had been quite disparaged by his fans for his turn to Pop music. ‘Is That For Me‘ with Anitta was one of them, and as often with Pop releases, remixes are expected to fully enhance the potential of the title.

After an interesting remix of 3Lau last month, it’s the one of KO:YU that shouldn’t go without a notice. Without revolutionizing the original, KO:YU is giving back a little pep for those who found the title indifferent by accelerating the tempo and enhancing the whole track with a real beat, a little more impacting.

You will also find in this remix pack out via Warner Music Group, another remix of French Sylvain Armand, quite qualitative.


WATCH IS THAT FOR ME MUSIC VIDEO ▶ Is That For Me [Official Video]

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Synapson – Hide Away (feat. Holly) [Official Video]

Formed in 2009, Synapson are French multi-instrumentalists Alexandre Chiere (keyboard, saxophone, beat and vocals) and Paul Cucuron (drums, scratch, record production and mixing) and recently they performed for the first time at Paris Bercy Arena for Virgin Radio to 15,000 people, Synapson’s ‘Hide Away’ ft. Holly Martin has a stadium dance anthem quality that is instantly recognisable and engaging with an effortless French funk vibe which feels fresh and poignant for 2018.

The air of mystery in Holly Martin’s sweet vocal in the track intrigues and soars over a backdrop of Deep House, Nu Disco and more that shows Synapson at the top of their game. The video for the track features an impassioned dancer under the music’s lustful spell, creating chaos in a diner: “Hide away from me or you’ll lose”.

Remixes of ‘Hide Away’ are due in February and Synapson have already planned a French tour and new epic album for this spring and today we have first play of the new video for ‘Hideaway’, enjoy.

Synapson “Hide Away (feat. Holly)” :

Directed by Mary Clerté
Produced by Partizan
Creative Director : Willie Beamen

Composed & produced by Synapson
Written by Holly

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Diplo – Get It Right (Feat. Mø) (Official Video)

Diplo shared a new video for his most recent collaboration, “Get It Right.” The clip isn’t elaborate, with just the two artists singing the song and dancing around an empty ballroom as Diplo occasionally plays along on a grand piano. The Danish singer moves far more gracefully than her American counterpart, but he’s clearly trying his best. This article originally appeared in Spin

Official Video | Diplo – Get It Right (Feat. Mø)

Director: Brantley Gutierrez
DP: Eric Ulbrich
Editor: Ryan Adams
Producer: Kyle Schember, Renée George
Executive Producer: Nina Soriano
Production Company: Anonymous Content / Subtractive

Avicii – Friend Of Mine (Original Video) ft. Vargas & Lagola

The rumors are true Avicii is back! The producer and DJ are ready to return to the music scene and do so with new music for our ears.

Its new record production is called “Avīci (01)” and it is an EP that premiered on August 10, 2017 by its own record label Avicii Music and Universal Music.

On August 22, 2017, the producer shared the lyric video of his song “Friend of Mine” with Vargas & Lagola. On August 23 he shared the lyric video of “Lonely Together” with Rita Ora and the next day the lyric video of “You Be Love”, song that has the collaboration of Billy Raffoul.

On August 25, Avicii shared the official video for the song “Without You” with Sandro Cavazza. A new lyric video, this time for “What Would I Change It To” next to AlunaGeorge premiered on August 26, 2017.

It was until December 20, 2017 that Avicii premiered the official video of his collaboration with Billy Raffoul “You Be Love”. To close the year, on December 31, 2017 the dj and producer shared the official video of “Friend Of Mine”, song with the collaboration of Vegas & Lagola. This article originally appeared in Vero Merol


  1. Friend of Mine ft. Vargas & Lagola
  2. Lonely Together ft. Rita Ora
  3. You Be Love ft. Billy Raffoul
  4. Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza
  5. What Would I Change It To ft. AlunaGeorge
  6. So Much Better (Avicii & Sandro Cavazza) [Avicii Remix]

Listen to the EP here:

Agency: Black Dalmatian Films/OPA PEOPLE

Written by: @unkowngenius

Directed by: Tobias Leo Nordquist

Production Company: Composite
Producers: Charles Hayes & Cody

Avicii – You Be Love (Original Video) ft. Billy Raffoul

Avicii‘s music video for “You Be Love” is one he calls “pretty special,” because there are no actual moving parts, just a series of shots of digital statues that tell a story of love’s triumph over hate. Two women rush to embrace one another while the world tries to tear them apart. Their expressions and poses tell the story, and it’s actually quite emotional. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. It’s about love, after all. Review By Billboard

Listen to the EP here:

Agency: Black Dalmatian Films/OPA PEOPLE
Production Company: DIKTATOR
Director: TNT
Producer: Simon Hernadi
Executive Producer: Manga Minja
Visual Effects Supervisor: Petter Lindholm
VFX & 3D: Chimney Pot – Los Angeles

Don Diablo – You Can’t Change Me (Official Music Video)

Don’t try this at home! This single is one of my personal favourites on my upcoming album FUTURE because it has all the trademark Diablo sounds but at the same time it felt like I made something that will keep pushing things into the future. I originally made the instrumental inspired by watching sci-fi films like “Interstellar” and the old Star Wars trilogy. I premiered the song during my Tomorrowland set this year and it’s been a fan favourite ever since, so I am excited it’s finally out for the world to enjoy!


24/7 you keep stressing me
To do the things I don’t want to do
Or be something I don’t want to be

You can’t change me
Or rearrange me
Don’t waste your time
Baby, can’t you see
That you can’t change me

Directed by: Patrick Van Der Wal & Erik Middendorp
SFX: Erik Middendorp
Producer: Thomas Pieket Weeserik
Executive Producer: Don Diablo

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Bougenvilla – Nagini (Official Music Video)

Bougenvilla drops a mesmerizing piece of dance music, working up hypnotic chords over a rushed house groove. Nagini turns out vintage floor music, the ideal DJ weapon for those dark club nights to come. You’ll love it!

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