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The Chemical Brothers – We’ve Got To Try (Music Video)

The Chemical Brothers have shared the latest single from their forthcoming album No Geography, “We’ve Got To Try,” along with an accompanying music video that dropped Friday.

The electronic duo’s pulsating new song is intensified by its video directed by Ninian Doff, who crafted the group’s 2015 clip for “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted.” The visual chronicles the “rags-to-riches” tale of an abandoned dog named “Girl” who after leaving the streets of London, embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

The Chemical Brothers also released a remix of the track titled “WGTT15000BPM F1 NEEEUM Mix” to celebrate the beginning of the 2019 F1 season. According to a press release, to make the remix, the track was “broken down, re-engineered and accelerated to 15,000 beats per minute (BPM) to reflect the 15,000 beats per minute (BPM) that today’s hyper-complex F1 cars are capable of reaching.”

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Robin Schulz and Erika Sirola – Speechless (Official Video)

Do you believe in love at first sight? One minute, you’re walking down the street, the next, you’re completely taken aback by a beautiful stranger. Most of these encounters come and go without a second thought, but some of those faces stick with us through the night, haunting with the possibility of something more.

Robin Schulz’s latest, “Speechless,” is a bright and bubbly ode to such encounters. Singer Erika Sirola brings those powerful moments to life, weaving the details of sudden romance with charm.

The music video really shines, too, as it tells the story of one man’s tireless effort to catch a woman’s attention. Shot in a street food restaurant in Mumbai, India, our hapless hero even breaks into synchronized Bollywood-style dance, but will it do him any good? It’s colorful and adorable. You’re sure to break into a few audible chuckles.

“Speechless” is a warm and fuzzy house-pop tune that goes down smooth and easy. Look out for Schulz as he plays both a customer and the head chef in the video below. This article originally appeared in Billboard.

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TRACE – Blood & Bones (Official Video)

With over 45 million Spotify streams to date, the Vietnamese-American artist is set for a 2018 takeover with her smoky, R&B inflected bops. Her latest single “Blood & Bones” is about the “misinterpreted allure” that often accompanies unrequited love (or lust), and how feelings of infatuation can often lead us astray. Produced by Kylie Minogue collaborator Jimmy Harry and mixed by Ty Dollar Sign engineer Morning Estrada, it’s a cool and beautiful mix that blends genres without sacrificing any emotive qualities.

“There’s something so romantic about seeing someone for the first time and feeling like you know them already – or at the least, know everything about them. You start to fall for the person you’ve already made them out to be in your mind, getting caught up in your own ideas about them. Even better when they’re out of reach or unexpected. It’s a romantic fantasy when someone lives up to your imagination about them. Blood and Bones is my way of admitting that underneath the decorative and detailed surface of me, there’s a truth I’ll keep from you.” This article originally appeared in C-Heads.

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TRACE – Blood & Bones
TRACE – Blood & Bones by Ultra Music
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The MVI – Save Me (Official Music Video)

Exciting tune by The MVI, dropping a cool, laidback disco groove alongside catchy guitar licks, sensual vocals and spacious electronics. Save Me is an airy piece of dance music, delivered by one of the biggest talents out there, surely bound to get those feet moving this spring. Better save yourself for this one!

The MVI – Save Me is OUT NOW on Dharma!

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Pablo Nouvelle feat. Fiona Daniel – Panic (Official Music Video)

Effortlessly drawing on a range of soul-tinged influences, Pablo Nouvelle truly is a master of his craft. Telling riveting stories through his music, the multi-faceted DJ, producer and filmmaker leaves no stone unturned in his quest for just the right hook, which in turn helps him make the most out of every composition. The result is magical: an evergreen album sure to wow those who dare to truly listen.

Comprising twelve shimmering records that radiate a sense of mystery and wonder while indulging in the more experimental side of electronic music, ‘Wired’ is as avant-garde as it is timeless. With album singles such as ‘I Want For Nothing’ (feat. Favela), title track ‘Wired’ (feat. Lulu James) and ‘Sunshine In Stereo’ (feat. Andreya Triana) at the helm, the album not only shows off the skill and brilliance of Pablo Nouvelle as a fully matured artist, but also gives the mainstream dance music fans a reason to widen their horizon and discover.
From start to finish, this third album from Pablo Nouvelle will have you ‘Wired’.

Directed by Maximilian Speidel –
Dp: Maximilian Speidel
Editor: Titus Bütler
Color Grading: Ramon Königshausen
Starring Nick Lobeck and Hanida Haryani

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Mija – Notice Me [Official Music Video]

Is anything more romantic and melancholy than a walk in the rain in Paris? That’s the scene in our minds when we listen to Mija‘s beautiful single “Notice Me,” one of the tunes that features her own sweetly sad vocals from her debut EP How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers, but in the official video, Mija builds her own lovely, sorrowful picture of what it is to be alone.

Notice Me” finds the woman playing in two worlds. In one, she sits in the dark save for some neon signs and stares into screens of static. In the other, she’s looking for light on the beach and searching for hope in flowering fields. Just like flowers are born to die and love is never meant to last, the day turns to night, and she’s once again wandering the streets of Los Angeles, hiding behind cigarette smoke and feeling pretty lost.

Made in collaboration with @bokenint, “Notice Me” is a music video designed to sucker-punch you in the feels. It’s honestly mesmerizing. This article originally appeared in Billboard

Listen on to the EP spotify:

well i’m sitting in the dark again, refreshing.
following that girl was the dumbest shit i ever did.
I want you so bad in this weather.
If only we could be together.

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Don Diablo – Head Up ft. James Newman (Lyric Video)

From his album “Future” comes the video from HEAD UP, the fresh single by Don Diablo, for which he collaborated with John Newman. The new record is no less than 10 years after his debut. Don Diablo was also in the news yesterday: he launches his own digital currency! The Dutch DJ launches his virtual Hexcoin and thus enters into the shadowy world of the cash payment method. There are now more than 1300! Breaking: Google has decided to block all cryptocurrency advertising on the internet from June. Scott Spencer from Google explains: “We can not look into the future to see where it goes with cryptocurrency. But we have seen enough damage from consumers, which is why we want to treat this with extreme caution. “Does Don Diablo really know what he is about? This article originally appeared in Hit Zound

Taken from the album:

You favourite duo is back once again! Shot in a total of two hours right before my show in Washington on the FUTURE tour. Life is like a DANCE, you learn as you GO. Hope you guys enjoy! Xxx

Dancer: Gabby J David
Filmed by: Jessey Bijl
Edit: Patrick Van Der Wal
SFX: Erik Middendorp
Executive Producer: Don Diablo

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